About Sopot Scientific


Embedded Systems Engineer

Interest with computers and embedded systems stared almost right away during my first year at the university. Though microprocessors were not in the program during the first years I was fast to figure out how they work, they were not actually even part of the program I have chosen. Back then Zilog Z80 was the most popular, with Motorola not far away. Those were the first Amstrad, Atari, Commodore 68 computers. Today I work most of the time with ARM microcontrollers. But not only computers and microprocessors were my main interests I have designed many analog circuits.

Electrical Engineer

I have started the career with a few interesting project by working for other companies. I have designed police radar for a small startup company in Toronto called Tribar, I do not know if they are still around. I have never met the owner but I had to deal with two "managers" or "bosses", some young clueless people. Those people were such a losers and narrow minded it was just waste of time and talent. I am not only embedded system software engineer but also electrical engineer working on circuit design. Starting own company was the only option to develop interesting products.

Programming languages

The first programming language I learnt was FORTRAN during my first year at the university. We did not have home computers back then but we used big frame computer at the university. Then it was only natural that I have learnt C/C++, assembler. Pascal was also another language I have used to learn programming but I have never had any use for it. All current projects I do only in C/C++ and assembler. There was other programming language called TURING they tried to push at the University of Toronto. I do not know who came with this idea though any programming language is good to teach students but it was just waste of time because you do not use it later. After taking a few courses at the University of Toronto, I did not see what else they can teach me when I already had my degree. The quality of the course was rather modern, average.

Company History

The history of Sopot Scientific and this site goes back as far as 1990s when an ideas stated to materialize about own product development and design. Back then all was done by hand. PCB board had to be designed on big drawing board by hand then taken to a shop to make negatives. Then I had to take the negatives to another place to have the boards done, holes had to be drilled by hand. All calculations were done using calculator and piece of paper. I have only heard that circuit simulations were done on big computers (like IBM 370) only few places had them. All started slowly during the first year at the University when I saw people walking with those negatives. Of course I fast to find out what was going on and it was not long before I had my own first circuit board designed. It would be a few long years before I had my first own Pentium computer with CAD software. Currently I am using a few CAD programs for various designs; this includes not only circuit design but also various parts.