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The locals call this place "Small Zakopane", Zakopane being a town in south, located high in the mountains, and is one of the most frequent destinations in winter for skiing. This place is known as Lysa Gora, what can be translated as Bold Hill, for the simple reason that it is the one hill in the forest without trees. This creates ideal conditions for winter sports. In the 1970's, a ski lift was installed with spot lights, which allows skiers to enjoy the fun until late hours. At the hill's base, a restaurant is open for which its main season is winter, although it is also lovely place to come during the summer. The entire area, which covers over 4 hectares, is property of the City Recreation and Sport Center , which has been leased. The new lease renovated the restaurant in 1996 and opened an equipment rental outlet.

Lysa Gora is a popular place for skiing and sledding. It is the one place in Poland where you can admire the sea while skiing. A café and restaurant is located at the base. It is a hill 110 meters above sea level. The entire hill has a slope of 39 meters and is about 300 meters long, with the ski lift being 286 meters long. The surrounding forest is ideal for ski running and winter walks. If you do not have your own equipment you can rent it.

The ice field, which belongs to Sea Baths Sopot, is open from December 1st until February 1st depending on weather, and is open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 3 PM until 8 PM. It is located at the pier's base. You simply walk down Bohaterow Monte Cassion Street down towards the beach. You can rent skates or sharpen your own.

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