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Aqua Park in Sopot is one of the newest investments in the city. It was opened for the first time in September 2002. Aqua Park is just an addition for a city in which the main tourist attractions are beach and water. Of course, during cold and rainy weather it might be a good substitute for disappointed tourists.

For city residents who do not enjoy winter sports, Aqua Park might be a good place to relax for a few hours in the wintertime. If you are visiting Sopot with family be prepared to lose a lot of money if you decide to spend your time in Aqua Park instead of on the shiny beach. There are also many lakes around Sopot which sports a beautiful terrain and forests.

Upon entry you receive a wrist band with an integrated chip used to count your hours, which can be also used to open your private lock and pay for food and drinks inside. So have a clear mind when you order something if you do not want to be shocked by the bill. There are many swimming pools, cascades, needle-baths, water massages, umbrellas and water grottos. There is also a wild river. An island located in the centre of the swimming pool is another visionary design for making the place very entertaining. Massage beds with air streams are another way to keep you from falling asleep if you find this place less attractive than you expected. Of course, there is always more to be seen here, like tube slides and an outdoor swimming pool which is open all season and uses heated water. There is also a bar, pub and restaurant inside.

The price is low during early hours on week days and goes up later in the evening and is almost doubled on Saturday and Sunday. It is open all year there is even a promise to keep one of the outside swimming pools open during winter time.

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