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The festival Two Theatres presents various radio and television shows and it also promotes books, different amateur and professional dramas and comedies. For the festival only the best shows from the last year are chosen. This is one rare event which takes place once a year and allows you to see Polish culture. After each presentation, the actors, performers and writers take to the stage, providing a rare opportunity for the audience to speak with them. During the festival, many other events take place, the most interesting of which take place in the theatre on the pier base just steps from the beach.

The first time the festival was organized in 2001, during the end of May and beginning of June, during those four days many guests, artists and actors come to Sopot from all over the country to present their achievements. During that time the best shows are chosen. The main organizers are Polish Television and Polish Radio in close cooperation with city councils of the towns of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. Gdansk TV is the festival producer and the ministry of culture and other various government offices oversee and participate during the entire event.

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