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The tennis courts which were opened for the first time in 1897 are one of the main attractions in Sopot. It is worth mentioning that during this year there were several major investments in Sopot. In this same year a power station was built, as well as a new hotel and this was also the year when a new newspaper was printed for the first time in Sopot under the title "Sopot's Bath Newspaper". The next year, horse races were opened and modern sewers were built. For almost 100 years, the tennis courts changed little until eventually in the 1990's when new courts were opened. Some of them are covered and have lights to accommodate various events which occur during late hours or bad weather. The tennis courts are open to the public and you can rent one for an hour or simply join the club.

SOPOT TENNIS CLUB, address: ul. Ceynowy 5, 81-718 Sopot, tel. (58) 551 35 30

There is wide training program available for all age groups for beginner and advanced players alike. Also, people who belong to the club can participate in various international exchange programs. For various institutions and companies there are special group programs available, which are specially designed to accommodate employees as part of a recreational program. As a tourist however, you would probably be interested in a training program for only a few days, which can be arranged. Or if you are an experienced player you can just rent the tennis courts.

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