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The water in Gdansk Gulf along Sopot's beach are always good for swimming, and with daily testing, the public can always be assured about any possible contamination. On rare occasions there has been some plankton or other bacteria due to some natural circumstances of the area, but warnings are posted immediately. In case of bad weather, or based on personal choice, there are a few swimming pools in Sopot. The biggest one belongs to Aqua Park , about 30 minutes on foot from downtown. There is also an impressive recreation complex in upper Sopot, also about 30 minutes on foot from downtown located on the outskirts of the forest, with a nice swimming pool. There is also a swimming pool which belongs to a school, but is generally open to the public, although it is closed during peak season (open September 1st - June 30th). It is located on Haffner Street about 10 minutes north form Main Street . There is also a small lake in Osowa about 10 km from Sopot. There is a also a free bus to here which stops at the intersection on Main Street (Ulica Monte Cassino) and Independence Avenue (Aleja Niepodleglosci). It takes you to a shopping center outside Sopot, which is why it is free. This is the only free bus, as regularly you have to pay. From there you can either walk about 1 hour or take another bus.

Sport and Recreation Centrum ( 7/9 Zacisze Street )

Most people buy a 3 month pass, which allows use of the swimming pool, sauna, squash court and exercise room. This is usually for a preset time. Also, it is possible to a buy one time ticket, which allows use of the facility for up to 3 hours.

Aqua Park ( 3-5 Zamkowa Gora Street)

Here there are few swimming pools of a different size, one is located and it is supposed to be open in all kinds of weather. It has many water attractions like the wild river or chutes. The wild river is 71 meters long and it has a slope of 6 meters.

Swimming pool ( 57 Haffnera Street )

This swimming pool is 25 meters long with 5 tracks. It is closed during peak season, due to the fact that it belongs to a school, and this is the period when school is for service and repairs.

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