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Sopot athletic stadium was built in 1923 - 1926 to commemorate 100th anniversary of establishing first baths and laying the basis for future health - tourist resort. Today you can translate the name of the stadium as Sports Field of the Century. In 1970s it was rebuilt and modernized, a new race trucks had been laid down and new tribunes built. In 1990s sauna was added with many training devices. The entire stadium is picturesquely located in the valley surrounded by forest. Of course that are many teams connected to the stadium. The most famous is Athletic Club which takes its roots from Youth Association founded in 1946 in Gdynia Orunia. In 1949 the name was changed to Spojnia Gdansk. Untlil the establishment of the Athletic Club in 1990 in Sopot, they competed under the name Spojnia Gdansk

There is also an open training centre for public with a recreation area and spa; it is one of the most picturesque places not only in Poland but in all of Europe . You can train out in the open with fresh and clean air coming from the surrounding forest or you can just relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. The surrounding forest is ideal for biking or jogging. There is also a small hotel, restaurant, and conference room on the premises.

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