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Sport events in Sopot .

  • ORANGE PROKOM OPEN, this a tennis tournament, starting in the beginning of August
  • GRAND PRIX SOPOTU, 100, 400 and 5000 meter races involving jumping and throwing, take place in various areas including Forest Stadium, the forest, and beach. This is an international event taking place in August and September.
  • Amber Mile, a race on Main Street , held to celebrate the summer, in which everybody can take part, takes place in July.
  • Pole Vault on the piers' base in June
  • A big party to celebrate the international day of Children takes place in June in the Forest Stadium
  • International car races for the championship of Poland. Sopot is just a part of these events, and one race takes place in July on a 3050 meters long road between Sopot and Gdynia
  • International Competition in horse jumping with obstacles in June in Sopot's Hippodrome
  • Yacht Race, which officially opened the sailing season in Sopot, takes place during 1-3 May around the pier
  • Sopot Catamaran Cup, around the pier in July and August
  • Yacht Race for Sopot's Mayor's Cup, around the pier in July.
  • Yacht Race for the President's Cup of the Hestia Group, around pier in July.
  • Nivea Blue Sail Yacht Race, around pier, 8-9 July
  • Windsurfing for the university championship, around pier in October
  • SPEED - championship in swimming in October
  • Yacht Races end the season, around the pier in October.

There are of course countless other events with the Yacht Race, tennis tournaments, cycling, races on the beach and other sport's disciplines, with most of them during peak season.

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