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Undoubtedly, the greatest winter attraction in Sopot is the ski lift situated on the outskirts of Tri City Scenery Park (which is a large strip of forest, called also the lungs of the Tri City ) to which Sopot's forest belongs. The place is called Lysa Gora, which can be translated as Bold Hill. The ski lift has a length of 286 meters and allows downhill ride 39 meters from to the top the bottom.

The hill has an elevation of 110 meters from sea level. It is a popular tourist attraction from which a wonderful panorama of the nearby city of Gdansk and the Gulf stretches. Nearby, a ski jump is located as well as a great forest, ideal for ski running. Also, a toboggan-run is situated here, which ends at the entrance to the forest opera. The first toboggan-run was created in 1908 on Eagle's Hill but little remains from that time. Another toboggan-run was built in 1912 on Three Graces Hill, which was restored in 1991. At the bottom of the hill there is a café, which is a favourite place for strolls all year.

Some people compare it to Zakopane, a city which resides in far southern mountains and is the destination for serious winter tourists who come ready for serious ski sports. In comparison this is called Small Zakopane. The name Bold Hill came some time during the beginning of 20th century; it was a name for one of the hills which was formed during the last ice age. The hill is located in upper Sopot to which Zeromski Street leads. The hill is free of dense forest areas and was an obvious location for winter sports.

In the 1970's, the town decided to build a ski lift and install lights, which allows visitors to enjoy the winter games during late hours. At the base of the hill a nice café is located, one of the rare places for which peak season in Sopot means winter. The ski lift is under the jurisdiction of the City Sport Center , and the toboggan-run is located nearby. The older one was built in 1908 had a length of 470 meters and an elevation difference of 56 meters, which allowed skiers to achieve high speeds; it began Bold Hill. Unfortunately only one that was built later in 1912 still exists today.

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