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Jean Haffner, a doctor from the Napoleonic army who recognized the beauty and possibility for establishing a heath resort, decided to stay in Sopot. Sopot, due to his and later his family, was slowly transformed into a well known spa resort. Modern Sopot is a continuation of what Jean Haffner started nearly 200 years ago and is still considered one of the top health resorts in Poland and abroad. In South Park, there are fountains rich with bromine iodine saline, the inhalation of which is advised for the treatment of many illnesses, rheumatology, bochorew illness, and chronic degenerative conditions requiring a strengthened immune system. For the pleasure of tourists and patients, there are countless bike paths and walking trails. Quiet streets with secession style architecture surrounded by trees and gardens provide an idyllic atmosphere for walks. Of course there is the surrounding forest in which you can wonder almost endlessly, and the beach with a fishing base almost unchanged for the last hundred years, which allows you to relax and enjoy your stay in Sopot.



23 Marca 105
81-820 Sopot
tel: (+ 48 58) 551 72 63, 881 46 67
tel: (+ 48 58) 551 72 63, 881 46 67

Sanatorium Lesnik is located on the verge of the Tri City Park, which is basically a big forest which flanks the three cities from the west. It is only two kilometres from downtown and there are buses which travel there frequently . It also has parking for people visiting or staying for treatment. Sanatorium Lesnik provides treatments for breathing, cardiovascular problems and people with mobility problems due to illness or accident. There are 181 beds in single, double or triple rooms. All rooms are fully equipped with their own bathroom. In the lobby there is a shop, café, reading room, club room, billiards, and a place to play cards. An on-site restaurant provides meals for people with special needs and each diet is individually designed to provide the best nutrients and vitamins. The surrounding forest provides the ideal place for walks and the sanatorium organizes many events like tours, dances, social meetings, and barbecues. The sanatorium is equipped to provide treatment for people with disabilities but it is not equipped for people in wheel-chairs requiring constant care.

JADWIGA TITZ - KOSKO - Rheumatological Resort

Grunwaldzka 1/3
81-759 Sopot
(+ 48 58) 5511201
(+ 48 58) 551 14 26

The Rheumatological Hospital offers excellent therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments, where you can also take a brine bath. The wide range of doctors provide consultations. Chloride-soda water is collected from the Saint Wojciech (Adalbert) spring, a natural source which is 800 metres deep. Sopot provides the opportunity not only for treatments such as balneotherapy, but also motor therapy and hippotherapy. The sanatorium provides a wide range of treatments including; Arthritis, Osteoarthrosis, Osteoporosis, Rehabilitation of the disabled, Electrotherapy, Gymnastics, Hydrotherapy (Saline bath), Inhalations. Exercise room, Massage, Laser, Ultrasound and many others.

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