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Sopot Sailing Club was founded in 1983 by former members of the Windsurfing Section from Gdansk , which is part of the bigger club Neptune. The club is located near the beach between the pier and the administrative border with Gdansk . The club has over 100 members with about 40 members training all season and taking part in various competitions. The leadership is usually selected every two years and is responsible for running the finances, promotion, administration and various events. Since the beginning, windsurfing has been the only sport here. As a result, it has been possible to achieve a high level of sophistication and win many competitions. Of course during the summer, the windsurfing school is open to tourists spending their time in Sopot.

Sopot Sailing Club - Hestia Sopot - is one of the most modern and largest windsurfing centres in Poland . Situated on Sopot beach, close to the famous pier, it includes world-renowned competitors and serves as a perfect base for recreation. It is one of the few clubs which have their own training services for competitors of every age - from seven-year-olds to titled seniors. It also has a gym and sauna. In the summer, SKZ opens a windsurfing equipment rental shop, catamaran rental shop, sports and windsurfing gear shop and a windsurfing and catamaran school.

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