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Although pubs are as old as Polish history, the name "pub" was introduced at the beginning of 1990s after a change in political climate in Poland and the old Polish name (karczma or piwiarnia) was replaced with the English name pub. It became popular, mainly for commercial reasons. The first pub in Sopot was Columb 2000 opened on the 4th of July, 1994. Although there are still places which preserved the old polish name "piwiarnia". Many new locals were successful, and you can find plenty of them, particularly on the main street in Sopot called Street of The Heroes of Monte Cassino (ulica Bohaterów Monte Cassino). The street is named after the famous battle in 1944 in Italy , where the Polish army stormed and occupied a German Fortress around the Cassino Monastery in the mountains, which blocked the way to Rome , a place where all previous assaults by Canadian, British and American troops had failed. If you take a walk down the street towards the pier and still cannot find your favourite local pub, there are still many places to choose from on the seaside stroll path. You can go north towards Gdynia , or south towards Gdansk and you do not have to look hard for any of them, as they are easy to spot with many examples of interesting, modern architecture and decorations. Many of the buildings are new or renovated but have a long history and tradition.

There are plenty of pubs, bars and taverns all over the place which serve good beer and food. Everyone is a unique place with a different menu. Polish beer (piwo) is fine. Common brands include Zywiec, EB, and Hevelius which you can get in most other countries. Darker beers are available, but not common, and in some cities you'll find pubs that brew and serve their own beer. Polish beer tends to be fairly strong, 5% alcohol seems to be average, but it's mostly natural, with no chemicals added, so serious hangovers are rare. Nearly all pubs, bars and restaurants now serve beer on tap, and a pint will cost you round about $1 - $2. Imported beers are also available, but tend to be more expensive and served in bottles rather than on tap. Despite the popularity of beer, vodka (wodka) is undoubtedly Poland 's national drink. Polish vodka is best taken neat, as unlike many western brands, Polish vodka has a distinctive flavor and is served cold (for best results it should ideally be stored in the freezer). Popular Polish brands include Wyborowa, and Chopin. Specially flavored brands of vodka are also available. Zubrowka, for example, is flavored with bison grass and actually comes with a stem of grass in the bottle, similar to brands of Mexican tequila that come with a worm in the bottle. This however, is more humane and suitable for vegetarians, and gives the drink a herby, grassy taste. Goldwasser has a sweet, liquorice like taste, and comes with flecks of real gold in it. Fruit flavored vodkas (which are like Finlandia Cranberry) are also common. Vodka in Poland is fairly cheap, for example, you can purchase a half litre for about $5 in the free duty shop at the airport. Imported spirits are widely available in most bars and hotels for about the same price as you'd pay back home, hence they're slightly expensive by Polish standards.

Daily Blues, which has a Chicago Blues style, is a great place for musicians and for dancing, beer, and drinks.
Kawiareton, jazz, has 100 different drinks, beer, fish, and serves the local cuisine.
Key Bell, attracts mostly students, since it is close to the university, chimney, has club music, cold drinks, beer and spirits.
Kolumb, has a cosy atmosphere, traditional cuisine, TV, whisky, beer, and a lot of different kinds of alcohol.
Lula Nova, jazz and pop music, fish, sandwiches.
Remanent, provides an atmosphere reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, together with a decorative style from that time.
Serengetii, African style, African cuisine, African and Brazilian music.
Sherlock, a type of British pub, with beer, drinks, and a local and tradition cuisine.
Manadarynka, modern design, with a local and traditional cuisine.
Paradox, music, beer, drinks, local cuisine.
Pompon, atmosphere and style from the 80s, Polish music from 60s and 70s.
Siouxie 9, turkey tea, oriental style and music.

Of course there is no guarantee that any particular pub will be there next year and it is hard to keep track of the changes. Most owners will normally replace old ideas with new ones in an attempt to attract customers. There's always a new pub in the city every year and those which cannot keep up with the current trends are closed or replaced. There is no guarantee that the same pub will be here forever but there is always a unique atmosphere in Sopot, the same atmosphere which brings in over two million tourists every year.

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