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The wooden pier is one of the oldest attractions in Sopot and the pride of the town. It is the longest piece of construction made of wood in Europe . It stretches up to 511 meters into the sea and it is 10 meters wide with several decks on its side. The history of the pier begins in 1927, when the first small deck was built by Jean Haffner who was the founder and the owner of the first baths in Sopot. Nevertheless, the first gang-board was constructed by Russians in 1817 for its fleet which was operating nearby, and was eventually burnt by them when they left Sopot. Initially, the pier stretched 41 meters. In 1842, it reached 65 meters and in 1910 it extended again to an impressive 315 meters. Its present shape stems from 1927, and since then only minor constructions and conservation have taken place. In 1976/77 and 1990/91 the pier was seriously damaged, particularly its forehand and side deck, by storms and since then it has gone through some major reconstructions.

In 1999/2000 the forehead was for the first time reinforced by concrete pillars embedded into the sea floor. Early in its history, the pier was owned and operated by the town, but a new company was chosen to operate the pier instead. At the entrance to the pier there is a fountain, a sightseeing tower (lighthouse), restaurant, bar and many bathrooms. Everything is surrounded by a green belt.

he entire area is a place of commerce, with events and exhibitions during the summer. Recently there was a New Year party organized on the pier's premises. There are lower and upper decks on the pier, the lower decks being used by passenger ships and many yachts.

The pier is also a favourite place for romantic walks. This is also the place where yachts and ships of the "white fleet" moor. At the end of the pier, there is a viewpoint from which one may see the Grand Hotel panorama of Sopot and its surroundings, including the picturesque landscape spreading out from Redlowski Cape , from the North, to New Port and Westerplatte, from the Southeast. The other viewpoint is constituted by a tower located by the pier and is open during the summer season. Straight from the pier, one may go to the most popular promenade of the town - Bohaterow Monte Cassino Street , or more commonly known as "Monciak". In the summer, crowds of tourists visit the street and the cafeterias situated there. They may also go shopping to an high end shop or drop into the theatre or a cinema.

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