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First park ( South Park ) was established by Jean Haffner, the founder of the health resort and first baths in Sopot in 1823. Since then it has gone through many forms of modernization and reconstruction. In 1913 a new church was built in place of the older one from 1871. Little was changed in the basic design of the park, except for some landscaping. In 1996 a stroll path connecting the park with Gdansk was modernized and a new path for cyclists was added. A new fence and small concrete wall to protect rare fauna on the beach was also built. The stroll path was extended to Brzezno, where a new concrete pier was built recently with many pubs along its way.

There is of course North Park , north of the pier, which was brought into cultivation during the turn of the 20th century. The park was extended toward the north in 1972 when a swamp in the area dried up. North Park has many disco clubs, turning the place into an amusement park. There is a Pavilion of Art (Sfinks) from 1913, which serves also as a disco club and the center of Art and Culture Association. There are North Baths, which were built in 1967-72 in place of the older baths. Most of the building has been demolished, the change rooms and upper platform are gone. Only the south wing remains and it contains a restaurant and disco club called Galaxy. Next to the baths there is a monument commemorating Polish sailors who fought and died during the Second World War.

Seaside Boulevard has a unique attraction attached to it. After being extended and widened many times it is a place where you can always meet a lot of strollers. No doubt, it is a place where it is possible to meet somebody after many years; it is a favourite place for rendezvous and meetings. The turning-point for the boulevard was the beginning of the 20th century when it started to take its present shape. It has lasted without any major changes since then. In the 1990's authorities in Sopot decided to conduct reconstruction of the section between the pier and the border with Gdansk and a separate route for cyclists was created. After the year 2000 it has been extended to Gdansk suburbs up to a new concrete pier in Brzezno along with numerous pubs and restaurants. The boulevard is expanded to the north, where you can walk as far as Gdynia (about 2 hours on foot), which has become an amusement center with three disco clubs and numerous pubs.

The shore line consists of a sandy beach which stretches along the entire sea coast and is about 4.3 km long. A mole stands in the middle of beach line and extends 450 meters into the sea. The beach is widest in its middle section, where it reaches 110 meters and narrows to a few meters in the north end. The beach is surrounded by sand drifts from the land, which are on average 2 meters high. Sand drifts are a place of rare fauna and for that reason they are under protection. Sand drifts started to form about 5 thousands years ago under the influence of wind and sea waves. The region started to take its present form about 7 thousands years ago after the ice age. It used to be filled with dangerous swamps, which divided the early settlement and gulf. Only at the beginning of the 17th century the first drainage ditches were constructed to dry this area. This gave rise to the beginning of a small fishing settlement.

In North Park you come across Grand Hotel, one of the most famous buildings is Sopot, built in 1924-1927. Along the path you can see disco clubs and the North Baths. The path widens again to a park and a nice play ground with many tourist attractions. When you walk towards Gdansk from pier, the first thing you'll encounter is a small South Park which narrows onto a path for pedestrians and cyclists.

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