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When visiting Sopot you will quickly find yourself on the main street called Heroes of the Monte Cassino, which is closed for traffic. It is the oldest of Sopot's streets, which used to connect old Sopot Village with the fishing settlement a few centuries ago. It is the most famous pedestrian area with many houses dating from 19th to the beginning of the 20th century. To discover the real charm of the town, turn into one of Monte Casino's side streets, where you're bound to see and admire numerous art nouveau houses, and antique parks and gardens. At the end of Monte Cassino towards the Gulf you will find a wooden pier which extends 511 meters to the street. The entire street is a very busy place of commerce and trade with many restaurants, bars, and pubs. It is very hard to find another place crowded during the hot summer days in Poland . The name Heroes of Monte Cassino was given after the famous battle from 1944, where the Polish army stormed the German Fortress built around a century old monastery called Monte Cassino in Italy .

Bohaterow (which means heroes in Polish) Monte Cassino Street leads down to the pier and is one of the most popular and well known streets in Poland . It is lined with numerous pubs, shops, restaurants, cinemas and galleries. In summer it becomes a venue for itinerant street theatres, musicians and artists.

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