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The Sopot light house which also serves as a sightseeing tower was built during construction of balneaotherapy building in 1903 - 1904, and is open during peak season, The main entrance is from pier, there is a small admission fee, the price is no more than one dollar. The balneaotherapy building required its own boiler room and chimney; the original architect came up with the clever idea of building around the tall chimney light house and sightseeing tower. There are many sculptures and stained-glass windows in the building as well. Over the main porch you can see a sculpture of sirens with Tryton. Tryton (Tryton is the Roman name for the Greek Triton) comes from Greek & Roman mythology, being the God of the sea and son of Poseidon. The entrance is also decorated with the arms of Sopot. To celebrate the founder of the resort town Jean Haffner, a commemoration plate was attached to the wall of the building.

The view from this area is magnificent, as you can see the gulf and, if you take binoculars you can even see the Hel peninsula.The view is a 360 degree panorama and you can see the entire town. Many pictures which you can see on this site were taken from this light house.

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