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Sopot is a small town and it does not take long to find a hotel if you just take a quick look. Compared to other cities, Sopot has a rather dense concentration of hotels. The best solution is to plan an early arrival, although it probably would not take more than half a day to visit all of them. You have take into consideration however, if you arrive during summer, particularly during events such as Sopot Festival, Horse Races, Tennis Tournament there might be a problem trying to find something affordable. Remember, there are over two million tourists who come to Sopot every year, it means that on average there has to be accommodation for over 5500 people a day and during high season there might be 10 000 or more people on any given day, compared to 43 000 citizens. These large numbers fall sharply after peak season and then most hotels are empty. During peak season prices are higher. If you are after a cheap place, hotel Chemik might be a good first choice. It was hotel built in the 1970's with 88 beds, including 4 single rooms, 16 double rooms, and 4 triple rooms. Some of the do not have bathrooms, and are shared by a common bathroom. You can buy a cheap meal here, so for dinner you do not have to go outside. The price is around 30 EUR for one person, making it one of the cheapest hotels in Sopot. The hotel is situated 100 meters from the beach in close proximity to Yacht Club and windsurfing school. Without a reservation it is difficult to find a room here during peak season.

Villa Martini
tel: +48 603 108 432

Villa Morska
tel: +48 603 108 432

Not far away there is the hotel Bursztyn (translated as Hotel Amber) with similar prices; it has 90 beds, 6 single rooms, 26 double rooms, and 5 triple rooms. As most hotels it has café and restaurant. Next one almost next door is hotel Zatoka (translated as Hotel Gulf ), which is also one of the cheapest, around 30 EUR per person. It is a hotel with quite bit a history, built in the 1920's with a style characteristic to this era. It has 75 beds, single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. All rooms have bathrooms and satellite TV. It also has a restaurant and conference room for 150 people. There is one more hotel worth attention; it is located in the north unlike most which are in the south. Although it was built with low standards in the 1960's, it was recently renovated and upgraded; it is located very close to Aqua Park . These are the cheapest options, although there are a lot of hotels for around 60 EUR per person, this being the average price for a hotel in Sopot.

Of course there several new three and four star hotels, like the Hotel Europa, Hotel Haffner, Hotel Rezydent, and Hotel Sheraton. These have been built recently and they are very modern hotels but also very expensive. These hotels come with all kind of luxuries, for example, saunas, swimming pools, exercise rooms and of course cafes and restaurants. All rooms are equipped with bathrooms, TV, and internet access, like any high standard hotel.

Of course there is Grand Hotel, the most famous hotel in Sopot built in 1927 with 190 beds, 43 single rooms, 61 double rooms and 4 luxury apartments. All rooms have bathrooms and satellite TV. The ground floor contains a restaurant, café, casino and disco. It is a place that has been visited by many statesmen, historical figures such as Charles de Gaulle, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, and the set of many films. All together, there are over 40 different objects, offering all accommodation standards from cheapest to most expensive. There also many private rooms and apartments with prices similar to cheap hotels.

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