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JADWIGA TITZ - KOSKO - Rheumatological Resort (

ADWIGA TITZ - KOSKO - Rheumatological Resort ( This Rheumatological Resort is very well equipped and provides high quality heath care in rheumatology and mobility rehabilitation. In scope of: treatment and rehabilitation of adults and children with rheumatological illnesses and osteoporosis treatment and prevention. The resort consists of: three wards of stationary treatment for adults with 110 beds, a children's ward with 30 beds, the Children's Sanatorium which has 38 beds, Province Rheumatological Health Centre, Balncological Plant with a rehabilitation pool which uses saline water, EKG, USG and densithometry laboratories, a chemistry lab, two dental surgery clinics, and the Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Centre. It runs both stationary and out-patient's treatment.

Grunwaldzka 1/3, Plac Zdrojowy 1 , 81-759 Sopot

tel: (+48 58) 551 12 01
fax: (+48 58) 551 14 26

Sanatorium Lesnik

Sanatorium Lesnik is located just on the town outskirts next to a beautiful forest about 2 kilometres from the town center; about 5 minutes by bus with very frequent trips back and forth. This offer includes rehabilitation for people who have recently suffered accidents or those with troubled mobility, respiratory and cardiovascular problems. The facility is fully equipped for walk-in patients as it has also 151 beds for patients coming to Sopot.

23 marca 105 , 81-820 Sopot

tel: (+48 58) 551 72 63
fax: (+48 58) 551 72 63

Sanatorium MSWiA "Helios"

Sanatorium Helios provides wide range of therapies and treatments for;

  • Circulatory system: Hypertension, Coronary disease, States after cardiac arrest , Vasoneurosis, States after heart surgeries, valve surgeries and blood vessel operations,
  • Laryngological: Sinusitis, Pharyngitis,
  • Metabolism: Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid,
  • Nervous system: Lumbago, Lumbalgia,
  • Neurological: Sciatic neuralgia, Spinal degeneration,
  • Organs of movement: Arthritis, Osteoarthrosis, Osteoporosis, Rehabilitation of the disabled,
  • Respiratory tracts: Chronic pneumonia, Asthma, Infections of respiratory tract, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchiectasis, Pneumoconiosis, Cor pulmonale, States after pneumonia and bronchitis ,

Bitwy pod Plowcami 63-65 , 81-731 Sopot

tel: (+48 58) 551 12 28
fax: (+48 58) 550 70 06

Emergency the number 999 is an equivalent to well know number 911 in the west. In case of emergency this should be first place to get in touch.

ul. Boleslawa Chrobrego 6/8/10 (wejscie od ulicy Mieszka I) , 81-783 Sopot

tel: 999, (+48 58) 5512455, 551 11 56 551 18 92

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