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Hippodrome Sopot operates on land which covers 40 hectares, land which is a property of the city. The land is located in the south and borders with Gdansk , and to the west railway tracks run along its fence. It is the first thing to see when you come by train from Gdansk or the last thing when you leave Sopot and go south. The entire complex was designed as a horse racing track for the public, and a place where you can bet on horses.

Starting from 1970's in the vicinity of Karlikowo Mansion , where today's Hippodrome is situated, the "black hussars" regiment from Gdansk used to organize horse racing. Black Hussars were an elite regiment serving as the emperor's guard. Because horse racing was one of the biggest sources of entertainments in those times, the members of the commune (Sopot did not have status of the town yet) bought the area of 50 hectares in 1899 for the purpose of building a hippodrome. In 1899, the first equestrian competitions and horse races took place, and the winners were presented with various rewards by the commune. From that date, horse racing and various competitions were a steady attraction until the First World War. After the war, the area was divided and given to soldiers where they could grow crops. Eventually this was changed and horse racing was restored, and until the outbreak of the WWII international horse races were taking place, which were well known in Europe . During the war, there were some local competitions held by Germans. In 1947, horse racing was reactivated by the newly established Association of Horse Tracks in Warsaw . Horse racing was only seasonal at this time, and the first one was on July 11th, 1947, with no more than twelve days a year of racing. This situation went unchanged until 1970.

After the war only one Derby was organized in 1958, one of the most important horse racing of Arab bloodstock horse on 3000 meter distance. In 1956 a group of enthusiasts registered Horse Riding Club. Most sources give the date of 1958 where first chairman was elected by 50 members. The horse trucks were under management by former pre war officer from 21st regiment of uhlans, Major Jerzy Zaniewski.

In the 70s of 20th century race track was used for various sport events and horse races were in demise during that time. From January 1970 the hippodrome was in touch with many horse ranches throughout the country. British bloodstock horses were replaced by horses from ranches in northern Poland, from training centers in Kwidzyn and Bialy Bor. In 1983 horses where trained in Hippodrome. From 1994 newly establish Hippodrome Association managed the horse tracks for the National Agriculture Agency in Warsaw and later for the City Hall in Sopot, which became shareholder with 60%. After that fact the City Council decided to look for a company, which would manage the horse track and organize different sport events. After 1995 horse races were resurrected to take place every season on more frequent basis. There are plans to completely modernize the object, tenders were invited and a few plans are under consideration.

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