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An excavation conducted in Sopot indicates that this region was inhabited during the early Iron Age, around 500 B.C. Amber was mined in this region during this time, which was then transported to south to the Roman Empire . The first document where you can see the name Sopot is dated March 5, 1283 when Polish prince Msciwoj II gave Sopot to the Cistercian monastery which was located in Oliwa (today you call this Gdansk Oliwa, which is part of the large city of Gdansk just a few miles south of Sopot). Eventually Sopot became a tourist attraction for neighbouring Gdansk . During the Renaissance Sopot was slowly transformed into a tourist resort.

The turning point in history was when Jean Haffner, a doctor from Napoleon's army settled down in Sopot and opened the first baths and also began construction on the park and pier. In a short time, Sopot was transformed into a very attractive resort, being visited by an increasing number of visitors from all parts of Europe . On 8 October 1901, Sopot was promoted to town status by the Prussian government in Berlin . After the conference at Versailles (1918), Sopot, which many foreign citizens inhabited, went under the jurisdiction of the Free Town Gdansk. After World War II Sopot became a popular place for artists. Sopot Gallery, which is located in old casino building, is one of the most important art centers in Poland . In the Forest Opera, a festival which takes place every year, attracts many stars from around the world. There are many places where you can play tennis, watch horse races and ride a horse of your own. As a matter of fact the track is a unique place where many state heads used to come to watch the races. If you like to gamble you can go to Grand Hotel, which is located near the pier, which is a friendly place where you can meet almost anybody.

Sopot as a small town compared to it larger neighbours Gdynia and Gdansk . It was supposed to stay solely as a tourist resort, but it was slowly transformed into an important center of trade. Recent years have seen Sopot integrate fully with the economic structure of modern Europe . As a prelude to coming changes, the main street ( Monte Cassino Street ) was upgraded to a status of a modern trading center. This is a place where you can buy almost everything in small or large shops. Of course here you can also find a place to have a good lunch or dinner, and when night falls there are many disco clubs to choose from. A dense network of banks makes Sopot an important financial institution. A highly qualified team of professionals coming from the University of Law and Economy, which is located in Sopot, are making a very important contribution to future development of Sopot. As a matter of fact, the close location of the University of Gdansk and Gdansk Polytechnic contributes to the high standard of education of many people. A high percentage of Sopot's inhabitants have some kind of University education, which is higher than the national average. Good conditions for investors made Sopot very attractive to invest in, and over five thousand people have registered some kind of economic activity. In the future, Sopot plans to be one of the most important tourist attractions in Poland .

After World War II, Sopot lost some of its glory, mainly because the new communist government had little interest in maintaining its growth. After the communist system collapsed in 1989, Sopot's bright complexion returned. A lot of money has been invested in the restoration of old buildings, some of them dating from the 18th century and also many new structures have been built. The main street of Monte Cassino has recently been renovated but still more is to come. Future developmental plans include the removal of all the residential buildings surrounding Main Street and changing them into a trade centre. Of course Sopot has always been known as a tourist attraction and much has been done to renovate and build new hotels for the constantly increasing number of tourists. Every year you can see something new and possibly in a few years old Sopot will be only recognizable from photos.

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