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Health activities in the town are assumed to have started in 1823, when the first watering resort was completed by J.J. Haffner, which used seawater for cold and warm baths. At present the water has been substituted by saline water, which affects the human body more strongly. The water flows out from St. Wojciech Spring, which is located 800 m underground. It is 4.4% bromine iodine saline with a temperature of 18.5C. It is freely accessible through an inhalation mushroom in Southern park and in a pump room located near Balneology Plant close to the pier. In the "mushroom' the saline has a natural concentration. The concentration may only be used externally (inhalations. baths - and only according to a doctor's prescription). In the pump room, the saline is available in natural concentration and in a concentration which makes it drinkable. Apart from that, the saline is available for baths, in the rehabilitation swimming pool of the Province Rheumatological Resort in Sopot (near the pier). The baths contain various minerals, the chemical composition and concentration of iodides and bromides being beneficial mainly for the following illnesses: rheumatological joint inflammation, Bochorew illness, chronic degenerative rheumatological illnesses and conditions requiring an strengthened immune system. Inhalations of the saline solution are advisable for those with chronic rhinitis, laryngitis, throat and sinus inflammations, and conditions which occur after surgical operations of the respiratory track and some thyroid illnesses. Diluted saline may also be advisable to replenish mineral salts. The contraindication for drinking the saline solution is hypertension. There following health resorts are found in Sopot:

Province Rheumatological Resort - provides the treatment and rehabilitation of adults and children with rheumatological illnesses and osteoporosis treatment and prevention. The resort consists of: three wards of stationary treatment for adults with 110 beds, A children's ward with 30 beds, A children's sanatorium with 38 beds, Province Rheumatological Health Centre, Balncological Plant with a rehabilitation pool which uses saline water, EKG, USG and densithometry laboratories, a chemistry lab, two dentist's offices, Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Centre. It runs both stationary and out-patient's treatment. The Province Rheumatological Resort has its centre near the beach and the pier is in close proximity of the pump room, the inhalation "mushroom", Grand Hotel and the promenade - Bohaterow on Monte Cassino Street .

The Lesnik Sanatorium treats rheumatological and heart illnesses, and contains 150 beds. It runs both stationary and out-patient's treatments. The Lesnik Sanatorium is located at a forest clearing, approx. 700 m from the town's buildings, at 100 m above sea level. There are forests surrounding the resort that encompass the area of several square kilometers and cover moraine upland. They include beautiful standing timbers and rich wildlife - mainly wild pigs. It has a good transportation system which uses buses to and from the town's centre, the beach, and Gdansk .

The MSW Sanatorium treats illnesses of: the vascular system, including early rehabilitation after heart attack and open-heart surgeries, the upper respiratory track and rheumatological afflictions. It runs both stationary and out-patient's treatment. Out-patient's treatment enables patients to come to Sopot, rent lodgings in the town and make use of treatment in their chosen resort. Each resort is situated in a different part of the town and is characterized by their various locations. The MSW Sanatorium is located near the border with Gdansk , at the seashore with a beautiful beach and transportation by bus to Sopot's centre and Gdansk . Sopot resort, thanks to its location, fulfils all the needs of patients in terms of illness treatment, relaxation and culture. Walks over the long seashore - especially with the winds blowing from the sea, enable talassoterapia. The closeness of the beach makes taking advantage of heliotherapy possible with the sunny weather and big, beautiful moraine forests encourage terenoterapia.

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