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There are two fountains located down town, one is next to the balneaotherapy building and the other is located in South Park not far away. The water flows out from the St. Wojciech Spring located 800 m underground. is 4.4% bromine iodine saline with a temperature of 18.5C. It is freely accessible through inhalation from those fountains. Mineral bath and inhalation is considered an effective treatment for rheumatology, bochorew illness, chronic degenerative and conditions requiring a strengthened immune system. Inhalation of the saline solution is advisable for those with chronic rhinitis, laryngitis, throat and sinus inflammations, and condition arising from surgical operations concerning respiratory track and some thyroid illnesses. Diluted saline may also be used to replenish mineral salts. The contraindications for the drinking of the saline solution is hypertension.

In the nearby Rheumatological Complex you can expect treatments which include specialist consultations with: rheumatologists, rehabilitation specialists, orthopaedists, osteoporosis diagnostics (densitometric examination), laboratory diagnostics on rheumatic diseases and therapeutic procedures such as physiotherapy, alphatron (magnetic field), alphatron + laser, biostimulator (laser plus scanner), terapuls (electromagnetic field), short-term diathermy, ultrasounds, UDD (ultrasounds + diadynamic), tens (analgesic currents), muscle electrostimulation, bladder stimulation, bioptron solux, balneotherapy, massages (classic manual, vibratory, underwater vibratory, underwater, hydromassage) and baths (saline, iodine and bromine, sulphuric, saline and sulphuric, herbal, peat poultices, paraffin poultices, thermocomforts, cryotherapy, inhalation), rehabilitation, a saline pool, and exercises in the gym.

During hot summer days you can see people sitting around the fountains, usually senior citizens hoping to get some relief from the effects of old age.

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