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Due to the great number of tourists visiting Sopot ever year, the food industry is well established in Sopot with new restaurants and pubs opening each year. Historical records of inns date back as far as the middle centuries and possibly even to the times of the Roman Empire where there is considerable evidence that amber was mined around the Gdansk Gulf and then sold in the south, reaching as far as Rome . Nevertheless, there are places where you can view traces of this rich history in upper Sopot, as there are still visible remains of an old inn at Grosser Stern stemming from the beginning of the 20th century. The walk takes you by 23 Marca Street deep into the forest.

On the street called Niepodelglosci Avenue , there are remains of an old inn (Al. Niepodleglosci 801) dating from the mid centuries. It is barely visible since there is now a residential building with a small shop on the main floor making it difficult to guess an inn ever existed there. Most of the restaurants and pubs established their presence on the main street, known Heroes of Monte Cassino, however there are countless places all over the town.

One particular Inn, built in 2001, has a style which comes from the south of Poland ( so called mountaineer's style) and of course it serves southern food. It is made of classic solid wood construction with a steep roof, the design of which hasn't changed for centuries. It is located in upper Sopot just on the verge of the forest, in close proximity to the famous forest opera.

The Mountaineer's Inn, the style of which also comes from southern Poland , was built in 2002. It has a classic solid wood construction with a steep roof, of which the design hasn't changed for centuries. It is located downtown, close to the beach in North Park . The interior design and food reminds one of the famous inns which you can visit in the mountains in Poland . And of course this is a place where you can sample the mountaineer's menu.

Sopot also contains a tavern built in 1994 on the dividing line between beach and the park. It is a two story building with spacious outdoor seating with a magnificent view of the beach and the gulf. There is a fisherman's base just around the corner which supplies the town with fresh fish.

There is another tavern just next to the stroll path along the beach. It is a very pleasant place to come here during the hot summer evenings, with the upper floor serving as a restaurant, and the main one as a café. All kinds of food and drink are served here.

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