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Life goes on in Sopot all the time, not only during the busy season. Many know Sopot from its Song Festival, which takes place in August. This however is just one short event during peak season, with many other cultural events take place starting from the New Year Concert. There are a few organizers who comprise BART, which stands for Baltic Artistic Agency, as well as Polish TV (Polska Telewizja), City Hall, Sopot Sea Baths (Kapielisko Morskie Sopot), Atelier Theatre and a few others. Please note that I do not work for any of those places, as I am only an information provider. I receive a lot of request from people from around the world who would like to participate in festivals or other events. I cannot devote my time to this task, since there are too many requests, I can however assist you in getting in touch with the proper agency for a fee and maybe help you around the city.

In the first week of January, a New Year Concert is organized by City Hall, BART, an the Polish Philharmonic Orchestra. This concert is performed by invited guests from the Polish Philharmonic Orchestra and other artists who perform in Church. Admission is free and patron titles of culture and sport and presented.

May 1-3, "Orkiestrada": organized by BART. Local and invited bands parade on the main street.

MUNDUS CANTAT: This festival takes place in May 2009 in Sopot, Gdansk , and Gdynia . Only amateur choirs are eligible to take part in the Festival: female choirs, male choirs, large mixed choirs, chamber choirs and adult vocal ensembles (up to 24 singers), youth choirs (up to 24 years old) female, male and mixed sex, as well as children choirs. It is organized by Baltic Artistic Agency, the Sopot Chamber Choir "Continuo", and the City Hall of Sopot

June: "Festival TOP Trendy" in Forest Opera, organized by Polsat TV (one of the biggest and most popular TV channels). Stars of Polish pop music perform.

June: The Radio and TV festival "Two theatres", organized by Polish TV and Radio. Presentation of the most popular TV and radio shows in various places throughout the city, including cinemas and theatres. During this event many popular actors and writers come to Sopot to display their achievements.

Mid June: "Monciak Party" - organized by BART. Parades, concerts, and parties on the main street, Heroes of Monte Cassino.

June- September: Sopot Opera Festival - organized by BART. During this festival various operas and ballets are presented in the Forest Opera. This is a continuation of the famous Wagner Festivals, which took place before WWII and made Sopot famous.

Early August: Jazz Festival. Organized by Sopot Sea Baths. Most of the shows take place in a small concert hall at the pier base and throughout various places throughout the city.

Mid August: "Agnieszka Osiecka Festival". Agnieszka Osiecka was a famous Polish song writer. During this festival her songs are presented by various artists in "Atelier Theatre". During these concerts young and old stars of Polish music present their skills.

August and September: International festival "Kaleidoscope of Musical Forms" - organized by the Open Theatre Association (Stowarzyszenie Teatru Otwartego). Instrumental and vocal performances of modern and classic music in the Evangelical Church of Augsburg.

Early September: "Sopot Song Festival"- organized by Polish TV. This one of the most famous festivals in Forest Opera with many foreign artist and stars of Polish pop music, who all compete for the main award.

Fall: "Sopot Film Festival" - organized by local film organizations. Presentation of the achievements of amateur and independent film makers from around the world and a selection of the best creations.

Second week of October: Concert celebrating promotion of Sopot to the status of town (8 August 1901) - organized by City Hall, BART, and the Polish Philharmonic Orchestra. Artists perform in Church and rewards are presented by the Mayor. Admission is free of charge.

Mid October: "Skok Jazz Festival" - organized by BART. Includes jazz concerts in various places in the town in clubs, cafes and concert halls.

December: Poetry festival and meetings with various artists and writers in City Hall and the Auditorium of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

These are of course only some of the cultural events which take place in Sopot. There are new ones ever year as well as single events by private sponsors. Every day we have a chance to entertain ourselves.

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