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Sopot Wyscigi is a rather quiet district, as not too much happens here. It is located in the southern part of the city, and it borders with Gdansk . It has a train stop just steps from the famous hippodrome. It is a residential district, as most of the buildings are one story family houses and only some condominiums are not higher than three stories. This is a place where the hippodrome is located. In an area which covers 40 hectares, many events take place every year, including not only horse races but many exhibitions, concerts, and occasional parties. In 1999, a holy mass was celebrated by Pope John Paul II for over 700 thousands people. On the hippodrome premises, disabled people can participate in various exercises with horses as a part their treatment. It is a rather attractive district for people looking to invest in real estate with prices similar to those in other parts of the town. This is one of the districts that still has land available for construction. There are only a few restaurants to stop for beer or for dinner. One of the rare places is Derby Restaurant which has a discotheque and bar open in the evening. It is open from the afternoon until late night hours depending on if there are guests willing to stay and pay or not. The other place is Skaropowa, which is just a restaurant. There is also a restaurant in the Hippodrome.

This place also has one of the most famous sport clubs "Ogniwo", a nice stadium owned by the club which lies right next to the railway tracks. It was the second stadium built in Sopot in 1932. It went through renovations and reconstruction in 1979-1981, during which time a new club and administration building was added. The club "Ogniwo" was established and registered in 1966. This club has a lot of achievements, is a leading club in Sopot and has been winner of national championships many times. You can come here to watch rugby and even take part in many sporting events. On average, a group of 200 players train here and belong to the club.

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