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Although it is hard to translate, the name "Sopot Kamienny Potok" which can be translated as “Sopot Stone Brook”, is just another district which borders to the north with Gdynia, its name coming from the brook which flows through the land. All architectural styles from various epochs are present here. It has small townhouses and high-rises, which were built after 1960s as a cheap alternative by the state and, like most of the new habitants during the communist era, were given almost for free to people in need. It usually worked that if you were, for example, a teacher and got a job in local school, there was a free flat for you, you still had to pay utility bills and maintenance but there was no rent, no mortgage and it was yours. Or you could simply sign a list and wait until a new building was ready, the wait time, depending on your status and profession, could be from months to as much as 20 years. But those years are long gone, and in the new capitalist era you have to work hard and get a mortgage, as nothing is free anymore in Poland except health care and public schools. Public transport is well designed here, with frequent buses and train stops. The main attraction here is the aqua park, which was built in 2002.There are also hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and pubs, but all located in eastern part of the district and the residential buildings are in western part.

Originally, there were two small settlements, which took their name from the brook. In 1874 those two settlements combined into one and joined with Sopot. In was a rather district initially, with only 160 inhabitants in 1888, however today there are about 8 thousand people living here, which makes up about 20% of Sopot's population. The entire area is worth visiting, but there is not much in terms of a tourist base in the western part, as there is a church, a few shops, schools and that is all. The tourist base is closer to the beach, being about 30 minutes on foot from the town center or a short ride by train, which is just one stop a few minutes away.

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