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This housing project became a new district in Sopot when it was built in the 1970s. It is located in the far west corner of Sopot in the Stone Brook Valley and is flanked from three sides by forest. All buildings are high rises, although this is not considered as high class life, the view from the upper stories is magnificent as you can see the gulf or the endless fores,t depending on which side of the building you live. The surrounding forest is part of a health conscious attitude and it influences the health of habitants. The air is clean here, and respiratory and heart problems are the lowest. People are less stressed here because of the surrounding forest which has a calming effect on everybody. The infrastructure is well developed here with many playgrounds, good communication, shops, and a high school. The total number of inhabitants is 4300.

The name and the location come from an old village dating from the 13th century, when the first record was made, but this place was most likely inhabited much later. This village and Sopot belonged to the Pomeranian Dukes. In 1289 the village was given to the Cistercian monastery by King Msciwoj the Second. From the 16th century Browdino is no longer shown on maps, although it is not quite clear why. Most likely it was a victim of epidemics or was destroyed by war. But the name stayed and was resurrected when a modern district was built by the state in the 1970s to give cheap housing to the working class. Although there are many disadvantages when you live in high rises, the atmosphere is very quiet and friendly with crime being almost non-existent. This is the reason that real estate prices are higher than the national average and there is a shortage of available flats which is constantly driving the price up. For that simple reason there is no more space to build, the forest is under protection and people are not selling their properties.

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