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At the end of the19th century it was a real attraction when ladies in long white skirts, sport heads and gentlemen with white pants made their presence on the tennis courts. This was the beginning of a new era in tennis. The first tennis courts were built in May, 1897 on fields north of the Health House. It was not long before tennis was changed from simple social entertainment into a serious athletic discipline. It was mainly due to the establishment of a new tennis club which was established in 1900 with the construction of a new clubhouse on Ceynowy Street , which still exists today. Before WWI there were ten tennis courts and after the war ended ten more courts were built before WWII.

After WWII, in May 1945, the first tennis matches took place. Although some of the buildings were destroyed during the liberation of Sopot from German hands, reconstruction soon took place. During this time the public was involved in restoration with the help of later club members. In June a new tennis club opened its doors which at this time existed as a branch of the City Sport Club.

In the summer of 1945 for the celebration of "Days of Sea" a tournament was organized, in which many known Polish players took part, like Jadwiga Jedrzejowska, Helena Szeraucówna, Wlodzimierz Olejnisz, Witold Horain.

The next year the City Sport Club took the name "Ogniwo". The name was automatically taken by the tennis section, which soon became an independent club. Eventually, in 1957 the name "Sopot Tennis Club" was chosen, which still functions today. Every year the importance of the club has grown as an organizer of international tournaments, which was solidified by the presence of top stars from Europe like; Javosky, Tiriac, Szigettieg.

The Sopot Tennis Club has been organizing its own tournaments for many years, such as; the International Tournament of Veterans, Polonia World Tournament, the International Women Championship, the Prokom Polish Open and many others. The club is still developing is now the birth place of Sopot Tennis Academy . This is an interesting step in club's history and an important event for Sopot.

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