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During the first week of January, a New Year Concert takes place, which is organized by City Hall, the Baltic Artistic Agency (BART), and by the Philharmonic Orchestra in Sopot. Every year, chosen artists are invited to perform to the Church of the Sea Star. Admittance is free and everybody is welcome to attend. During concerts, titles and diplomas are presented to the artists. The church which is in the neo-Gothic style, was built in 1902 - 1914; later in 1925, a chapel was built in the south wing. There are still original stained-glass windows and original wood work inside, so once you are inside you can feel the era from a hundred years ago. The single story presbytery building, which was built in 1909, is connected to the church from the west as a typical building the style of which resembles buildings from the 19th century.

In 1925, a chapel where babies are often baptised was constructed, and in 1931 the church tower was raised. When a new evangelical church was built, Catholics in Sopot decided to have their own separate church. In 1900, there were only 4300 Catholics in Sopot. The newly established association of Catholics bought land and in December 1902 a house was built on that land which served as a temporary church. The proposed church was supposed to be built over the next few years on the same land. Unfortunately the idea never took off, a priest named Konstanty Kreft, who favoured the new church, resigned from his post and a new priest named Artur Schulz, who opposed the idea, took his place. Artur Schulz was a German who favoured the German population who were mainly Protestant. This let Poles, who were Catholics, left without their own church and the opportunity to have Sunday mass in Polish. The situation was left unchanged until the end of WWII, although after much protest a mass once a month in Polish began taking place.

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