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Sopot is a tourist town, despite the fact over 7500 companies are registered here but only 42 000 inhabitants live in Sopot. It is a phenomenon on a grand scale compared to other cities in Poland . Of course the location of the town plays a big role in its notoriety, as it's surrounded to the south by Gdansk and to the north by Gdynia . The cozy atmosphere with its countless pubs makes it an ideal place to conduct business. It is common to find companies which have their offices in Sopot and assembly lines in Gdansk or Gdynia . It is an ideal place to have a company registered because of its central location it the Tri City area.

Despite absence of large manufacturing companies, Sopot is an important commerce center, with its main concentration on the tourist sector. The volume of commercial activity compared to the number of inhabitants surpasses not only the larger neighbouring cities but makes Sopot a leader within the rest of the country. A healthy economy and sustained growth in the rest of the country favours Sopot as an ideal place to register a company.

Sopot was never meant to be an industrial city, not only because of its geographical location with limited space for industry, but because it was intended by its founders to be a health and tourist resort. Most of the citizens are involved in the service sector and are employed in hotels, restaurants, repair businesses and shops. The production sector is relatively small in terms of the company size and building. Many people are involved in various crafts, not only souvenirs for tourists but also in small scale production in toys, electronics, machines, food as well as several construction companies. In various locations throughout the city you can find many shops with goods from various foods to high end electronic gadgets and equipment.

Companies in Sopot

Agriculture, fishing, forestry


Heavy industry




Handel and service


Hotels and restaurants


Consulting and service (real estate and management)


Shipping, storage, logistics


Financial services


Significant companies in Sopot

Insurance company Hestia

Headquarter, biggest provider of taxes to the town's treasury

TUW SKOK (Financial institution )


SMT Shipmanagement & Transport Gdynia Ltd.

Recruiting agency for shipping industry


Headquarter of a cosmetic company.


Headquarter of a construction company, responsible for some of the biggest constructions in Sopot, like the Haffner Center

Navimor International Ltd.

Headquarter, sea and ocean industry.

Blue Media Sp. z o.o.

Telecommunication, development of communication technologies and software.

Min Hong Development

Tourist industry

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