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There is wide range of private and public clinics where you can look for a treatment; some accept various form of insurance in others a cash payment might be required.

    • Clinic for diabetics and drug abuse therapy. Bolesława Chrobrego 6-8 , Sopot, tel: (+ 48 58) 551 51 47
    • Emergency, Bolesława Chrobrego 6/8/10 (wejscie od ul. Mieszka I) , 81-783 Sopot,tel: 999, (+48 58) 551 11 56, fax: (+48 58) 551 81 00
    • X-ray. Bolesława Chrobrego 6-8 , 81-756 Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 555 08 59,fax: (+48 58) 555 08 59
    • Walk in clinic. Bolesława Chrobrego 6-8 , 81-756 Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 555 15 50, 551 32 51, fax: (+48 58) 550 14 73
    • Dentist. Bolesława Chrobrego 6-8 , 81-756 Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 555 26 70
    • Optometrist. Bolesława Chrobrego 6-8 , 81-756 Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 555 71 12
    • Walk in clinic. Obrońców Westerplatte 3 , 81-706 Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 551 01 36
    • Walk in clinic. Niepodległosci 748/750 , Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 555 04 16
    • Private walk in clinic. Oskara Kolberga 7 , 81-881 Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 551 55 36, fax: (+48 58) 522 94 04
    • Private doctors, women's clinic. Oskara Kolberga 7 , 81-881 Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 551 25 67
    • Allergy and dermatology clinic. Armii Krajowej 116/5 , Sopot, tel: (+48 58) 551 62 45

It is worth noting that Sopot has a very well established heath care system with many doctors and clinics. In 1822 there was only one doctor in Sopot, but as the community grew more doctors arrived and in 1914, Sopot had 14 doctors, most which had a private practice. Doctors were also employed by the baths. In 1886, a new private sanatorium was opened with baths were patients were treated; the water for treatment used was the sea water, which was believed to have various health improving properties because of the concentration of salt and iodine. For poorer people, a public clinic was opened in 1895 which was sponsored by the village (Sopot did not have town status until 1901). Also, a similar facility was operated by the evangelical church with four beds. All facilities were under the supervision of a doctor and employed nurses were paid publicly by the village council. But most of the sick were taken to Gdansk, which is a big city with over a thousand years of tradition.

At this time, Sopot did not have a hospital and in 1914 the decision was made to build one in Sopot. Although an association called the Hospital Builders was established in 1905 a lack of funds was denying the possibility of having a hospital in near future. When the decision was eventually taken to build a hospital with 70 beds, the events of 1914 when WWI broke out stopped it. It should be noted however that there was a military hospital there during war time. All medication prescribed by doctors could be bought in first pharmacy which opened in Sopot in 1837. The building is now long gone, but it was located on the intersection of Heroes of Monte Casino and Independence Avenue. In 1903, the buildings were demolished to make place for a new one and from there new pharmacies were opened. One was located on Heroes of Monte Cassino, which still exists today, although it has changed a lot over the years. The other one was located in an old building from 1807 which served as a border house between Prussia and Gdansk. Not far away there is still a building located at 11 Heroes of Monte Cassino, which belonged to doctor in 1849-97, who was employed by the bath sanatorium.

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