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Sopot is a place of entertainment, there is no shortage of theatres, during the summer it is highly recommended to visit the Atelier Theatre named after the famous Polish song writer Agnieszka Osiecka. Although there is neither English transcripts for the events nor an English presenter it is worth visiting to see Polish culture and listen to great songs presented by pop stars and by amateurs trying their luck. There is a new modern cinema just built which has replaced two old cinemas on Main Street . This is a complex with modern equipment located downtown on the Main Street just steps from the beach. The interesting thing is that all English dialogues are not dubbed but only polish subtitles are shown on the bottom, so you can fully enjoy any movie.

The entire complex occupies almost 3 000 square meters and shares its space with shops and restaurants. With its closed circle atmosphere it is one of a kind. The smallest auditorium has a capacity for 80 people. The biggest one was built to accompany 290 viewers. The entire complex is capable of hosting 1050 spectators. The layout is also unorthodox, following a similar design in Warsaw it has retro style. Inside you can see chandeliers and heavy stylish curtains. Because of the specific atmosphere of the resort town the entire complex is open until late night hours. All auditoriums are used during Sopot Festival, which is organized by Polish TV. Also the entire complex can serve as a conference center.

Theatre on the Beach

Sopot alternative stage "Off De Bicz" runs from autumn to fall with an open café all year. Also, Club Atelier has an artistic program.

Atelier Theatre

The Summer Theatre takes place on the theatre located on the beach. Here, presenting premiers of writings of the world's best dramaturges. Dramatic and musical spectacles and song festivals also take place here. All together there are 40 spectacles during the summer.

Sopot Alternative Stage "OFF DE BICZ"

In the theatre building from September until June Sopot Stage leads artistic - educational activities including the presentation of theatre spectacles by artists of small regional theatres connected to various institutions from all over Poland . Also, theatrical festivals are organized with the sponsorship of the Town of Sopot . There are three theatres "Stajnia Pegaza", "Zielony Wiatrak" i "Teatr Okazjonalny", which are connected directly to Alternative Stage.

Baltic Artistic Agency - BART

BART supervises the Forest Opera for the city. Under the auspices of BART the Polish Cameral Philharmonic Orchestra and Sopot Chamber Choir CONTINUO manages its daily operations. BART manages concerts featuring the stars of Polish pop music, occasional parties, operas and ballets, choirs meetings, country concerts, cameral concerts, festivals and cabarets.

Forest Opera

The roofed amphitheatre in open space, in the opinion of critics, is one of the most beautiful and has some of the best acoustics of any place in Europe . Forest Opera spans over four hectares with seats for 4400 people and room for 110 musicians on stage. Pop and classical concerts are organized here for the most of the year. The most famous is Sopot Festival and Opera Festival which is a continuation of the Wagner Festival, which took place before the WWII and is responsible for making Sopot famous at that time.

Concert Stage of Polish Philharmonic Orchestra

A modern building with a stage built for 150 seats and a base for trials and recording rooms, offices, guest rooms, cafes, located within boundaries of the Forest Opera. Concerts by the Polish Philharmonic Orchestra take place here. Occasional concerts by various musical teams, theatres, cabarets, parties, meetings, and conferences take place throughout the year.

Sopot Chamber Choir "CONTINUO"

Organizes concerts of choirs in Sopot and International Choir Festival MUNDUS CANTAT.

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