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There are several campgrounds in Sopot located close to the shore with cottages to rent and also places to use your own tent. Campground Number 67 has existed since 1968, and is surrounded by trees with a lot of greenery. It is located in the south and borders with Gdansk , about 2 km from Sopot's center. It is fenced in and closed between 11 PM and 7 AM for security reasons; once you buy a spot you will get your personal pass. Bathrooms, showers, and hot water are all included, and are all kept in a clean and good condition. There is also small shop, buffet, and a place where you can connect electric devices for free. There are also well equipped play grounds for children. It is just steps from the beach and yacht club.

Campground number 19 in Sopot accommodates organized groups from schools, it has its own cottages for rent, although they do not have a bathroom and kitchen, and you have to use common facilities within the campground. There is small shop and play ground where you can play basketball, and there is also room with TV. It is located 300 meters from the beach in the northern part of the city, on the border with Gdynia . The Aqua Park is only 50 meters away, only 20 minutes on foot to the center of town. When you come to Sopot and rent a room in hotel or campground, you are charged a special fee, about 1 EUR per day, called the Climate Charge. It is basically a tax on tourists to help to pay for many different services, like road upgrades or simply keeping the place clean.

Camping nr 19 Metropolis Sopot
ul. Zamkowa Góra 25, 81-701 Sopot
telefon: 58 550 0445 , 509 606 055
Open from May 1st till September 30th.

MARYLA - cottage, 22 Sepia Street
Tel: (+ 48 58) 551 00 34
Open from July 1st till August 31st.

CAMPING number 67, 73 Bitwy pod Plowcami Street
Tel: (+48 58) 551 65 23
Open from June 15th till August 31st.

Please note the phone numbers are given as a courtesy, and there is no guarantee that somebody will answer in English.

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