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Most cafes are situated along Monte Cassino Street . Everyone is different and has something unique to offer. One of the first cafes you see when you leave the railway station is Kinski Café. It is situated in the house which was home to actor Klaus Kinski, which was built in 1898. This house also contains a memorial table. During the summer, it is very common to sit outside under big umbrellas, which also serves a dual purpose, as there are simply too many people to accommodate inside during peak season. Those cafes create a cosy atmosphere and unforgettable memories, which most of us take back home. Because of those cafes, normal life goes on into the late night hours, even long after midnight the entire street is crowded during peak season, and you normally have to wait for a free chair in café. With this place, once here, most of you will be coming back to relive those moments gain. There are also countless cafes in Sopot on almost every street, and you do not have to walk far to find something interesting.

Count Café ("Kawiarnia U Hrabiego" in Polish ) is a Café with a garden in a historical 200 year old mansion, decorated with art work by local artists. Prices are affordable, and the cafe features homemade cakes, ice creams, tea, hot chocolate and much more.

Vanilla Café has a romantic atmosphere, and is warm and cosy with many cakes, coffees and teas. It is situated in a new building with the style dating to the beginning of 20th century.

Café Art Deco is a place where time stopped a long time ago, with a chimney, old photographs, old chairs, cakes, 35 different types of tea, and 20 types of coffee.

Café Nescafe also has a lot of cakes, coffee and tee.

Gallery Grace has tea from various regions of the world, as well as coffee, and hot chocolate. This is a place where you can by art work and paintings, which are always on permanent display.

Milano De Marco, a famous ice cream café, has some of the best ice cream and of course, cakes, coffee and tea.

These are of course only some of the cafes; you cannot eat the same cake or the taste these same coffee in another one. Every café has its own style, and most of the cakes are home made with their own recipe.

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