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The history of boarding houses goes as far back as the history of Sopot as a health resort dating to the 19th century. One of the oldest boarding houses is Villa Sedan, which was built around 1881. It is still open today for tourists and with its modernist style, is reminiscent of past eras. The first time you were able to find Villa Sedan in a tourist guide was in 1887 by Eliza Puttner. Since then, it has had a permanent place in most tourist guides, and is a frequent name mentioned in most publications about Sopot, and various books dating from the beginning of 20th century. It is also worth mentioning that Villa Sedan is recommended as one of the best boarding houses in the north from a tourist guide published between 1911 and 1914, competing with 14 similar boarding houses from that time in Sopot.

Most of the boarding houses have 100 years of history. Maryla today is a boarding house with 33 beds, although previously it belonged to the son of German emperor. The boarding house Irena has 38 beds, and is located in a modernist building from the mid 20th century. The boarding house Wanda, built in 1925 as a modernist villa, has 46 beds and is located close to beach along the seaside promenade. If you take a walk south on the seaside promenade, you will come across the boarding house Zatoka, which is sometimes mentioned as a hotel. Occasionally, it is hard to distinguish between a boarding house and a hotel, although "boarding house" sounds cosier in Polish and for commercial reasons one name is often chosen over another. Zatoka has 46 beds, and was built in a modernist style around 1920. Of course, during summer there might be a shortage of rooms since most boarding houses have rooms from 30 EUR and up, so they are mostly affordable. If you plan to come during season it might be a good idea to have a reservation, there is no problem after summer however, as most are empty and have cheaper prices.

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