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The shore line consists of a sandy beach which stretches along the entire sea coast and is about 4.3 km long. A mole stands in the middle of beach line and extends 450 meters into the sea. The beach is widest in its middle section, where it reaches 110 meters and narrows to a few meters in the north end. The beach is surrounded by sand drifts from the land, which are on average 2 meters high. Sand drifts are a place of rare fauna and for that reason they are under protection. Sand drifts started to form about 5 thousands years ago under the influence of wind and sea waves.

The Diversity of sand here is an interesting case. In the south, you can find fine sand with a width of about 0.5 mm and in the north, the coarser sand is about 2 mm. Redlowo Cliff has a strong influence on forming the beach, which supplies it with sand, the result of sea waves washing away sand from the cliff. During summer days, numerous play grounds for children operate on the beach. On the southern part of the beach a small fishing fleet stands with a few tiny boats capable of operating only on the Gdansk Gulf . There are seven brooks which flow from the town hills to the Gulf, all of them but one from underground concrete pipes. Some sections of the beach remain intact despite the heavy concentration of hotels, bars and restaurants. The south beach close to the fishing fleet is used by the Windsurfing Club and has many attractions, particularly for children, for example chutes. Also, the middle section in the vicinity of Grand Hotel and North Baths is rich in many chutes and other attractions for tourists during hot summer days.

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