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Sopot, with its wide variety of restaurants and many bars, pubs, and fast food outlets has a lot to offer. The name "bar" in Polish was associated with fast food outlets long before there was the first McDonald's or pizza parlour. The cuisine however was a little different from the western diet (you could say healthier), it was more like a cheap restaurant where you can still order dinner. If you take into account the 2 million tourists coming here every year and compare it to the 40 thousand citizens, you will realize that the job is not easy and there is still a place for more restaurants and fast food outlets. Not surprisingly, there is always a new place being opened. The food industry really took off in 1990 after years of stagnation. One of the first modern buildings was "Bar Przystan" located near the beach and built in 1994. The entire area along the park including the beach is densely covered by many places serving as fast foot outlets. Before 1990, the beach was open to the public and untouched in its entirety, however, after years of construction that time is gone. Although the entire beach is still public, almost 50% has been leased for various reasons, as you can now see disco clubs on the beach, pubs, restaurants and other places which provide entertainment.

Traces of inns go as far as the mid centuries and probably even farther, but there is no evidence of them left. It is known that this era was inhabited during the Bronze Age. The oldest inn known was located at 801 Niepodelglosci Avenue . It existed from Middle Ages until in 1734 when it was burnt by the Russians. It was later rebuilt, and now there is residential building with same remains which are a few centuries old.

Bar Przystan, located on the beach, fish, soups, drinks, beer.
Sopotek, local and traditional Polish cuisine.
Station Bar, pizza, sandwiches, soups, cheap dinner, snacks, located on railway station.
Stefanka Bar, pizza, soups, sandwiches.
Harnas, traditional mountaineer's cuisine.
Zagroda, soups, meat meals, fish, drinks, snacks.

These are only a few chosen fast food outlets. Keeping an updated data base is rather difficult since things are constantly changing. Some locals are closed, new or just opened, most owners will try to come up with a new idea and transfer cheap food outlets into a restaurant or pub. You do not have to walk far, as there is always something around. During peak season when owners employ students they there are always foreign languages spoken inside with German and English being the most popular.

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