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The beach and warm waters of the Gdansk Gulf are the main attraction of Sopot. No tourist could miss the most wonderful wooden pier, which stretches 511 meters into the gulf. Taking a stroll on the pier is an unforgettable event. From the pier there are countless ships which cruise around the gulf and travel to neighbouring cities like Gdynia , Gdansk , and Hel. At the entrance to the pier there are magnificent round glass galleries, places of commerce during the summer where you can purchase interesting and memorable souvenirs to remind you of your vacation in Sopot. A small concert hall which is open to the public for free all summer provides consistently entertaining shows. There is also a famous light house built in 1903. It was originally designed as a chimney, but in an act of cleverness on the part of the architect, it was hidden from view by transforming it into lighthouse, which is one of the great landmarks in Sopot. During summer it is open to the public, but with its steep stairs it might be out of reach by some people. The payoff for those who do make the journey is a magnificent panorama of the city and the gulf. From the base of the pier you can take a walk towards the most famous main street (Heroes of Monte Cassino Street) in Poland .

During summer time it is one of the most crowded places on the earth, with the exception of the subway in Tokyo and a few other places. The entire street is filled with countless cafes, restaurants, pubs and many shops, serving the sole purpose of making the tourists happy and the owners rich. During the remaining days of the year when the season is over, the street is still a place where heavy commerce takes place, with its grocery shops and other hardware shops it is a place where most of the town's inhabitants come shopping. If you want to take a break from the crowded street, take a walk into one of the many streets which join with Monte Cassino. Here you can discover a new world of magnificent hundred year old apartment buildings with surrounding gardens, many of which have been restored to their past glory. Sopot also offers many sporting events and you can enjoy sports yourself. You can play tennis, learn how to ride a horse or just rent a bike and take a ride around the city on special paths for bikes only. Also, there is a sailing club if you want to rent a small yacht or just surf, if you do not know how do not worry, there are qualified instructors available. Although Sopot is a summer resort there are many winter sports to play, one of the most interesting being the ski lift located on some of the hills in upper Sopot. In this place you can even rent equipment. Occasionally you can watch yachts from across Europe which come to Sopot to compete various events. Sopot is also a health resort and together with its neighbouring cities of Gdansk and Gdynia combines for a population of over one million. From the west, Sopot is surrounded by forests and from the east by Gdansk Gulf . Because of the Hel peninsula which cuts deep into the gulf waters on Sopot, the beaches here are always warmer than in other parts of the Baltic Sea . Greenery accounts for 60% of the town area and with its wonderful architecture it attracts over two million tourists each year.

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