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Sopot as a tourist destination has a wide selection of hotels, which started to establish their presence at the end of 19th century. During this time the modern and now famous hotels E. Eissenhardt and Hugon Werminghoff (1897) were built, however today they are long gone and only remind us of their past glory. In 1927 the most famous hotel in Sopot, Grand Hotel was built, which is often considered the most important landmark in Sopot. For many, it is almost impossible to separate the name Sopot and Grand Hotel. The hotel is still considered the most prestigious hotel not only in Sopot, but in the North.

Most of the hotels are situated along the shore line and are in close proximity, but there are a few hotels in other parts of the town. Sopot is becoming a place where a lot of rich tourists are coming in larger numbers every year; this is why most recently constructed hotels are four and five star hotels. Of course there are also cheap hotels and private apartments. Nevertheless, most people will not rent private apartments for less than a week.

During the 1990's, after years of neglect, new hotels started to appear in Sopot, with new constructions continuing all the time. During the high season there may be a problem to find a place, but for the rest of the year there is no problem with accommodations. With most of the tourists gone there is a lot to choose from and for a cheaper price. The prices in Sopot are comparable to prices in other parts of the world. The cheapest hotel including private apartments can go as low as $40 and the most expensive can reach over $1000 per night, for example the apartment in Grand Hotel where figures like Charles De Gaulle have stayed. So there is both a place for ordinary folks and also for those lucky ones with deep pockets. There are also camp grounds around the city open during summer.

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